We left the house around 6am and headed straight for Yosemite. Rachel and I had a 1pm train to catch, and there were still a few things we wanted to see! The weather today was much more cooperative, luckily. We didn’t get to see Glacier Point yesterday since our long hike got rained out, so we drove to the top of Glacier Point Road this morning. This hike is another very short loop to see some amazing views.

It’s hard to be a bad photographer when you have such great scenery! You can see the whole Valley from up here, including Half Dome and Yosemite Falls.

We were running short on time but HAD to see a giant sequoia before leaving the park. It’s not every day that we’re in Yosemite! The Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias was closed for maintenance, so we went to the next best grove, Tuolumne Grove on the west side of the park on our way out. By this point, were were VERY short on time so we ran the one mile to get to the first giant sequoia, snapped a few pics, and ran back to the car. People were giving us crazy looks, but what were we supposed to do, not see a sequoia?! By the way, these things are huge! If we had gone a little further on the trail, we would’ve been able to walk through one! 

We rushed back to the Merced Amtrak station and heard a train whistle as we were pulling up. Frantically gathering our stuff, we realized that wasn’t actually our train and we really had another 15 minutes to wait around. Kaitlyn and Brian parted ways with us and we took the easy three-hour ride back to San Fran.

Rachel and I arrived around 4pm and took an Uber ride to Baker Beach, on the opposite side of the Golden Gate Bridge. The weather was absolutely perfect (as it usually is in San Fran) so we played around and enjoyed the sunshine.

After we filled our daily Vitamin D quota, we headed to Fisherman’s Wharf for clam chowder bread bowls and beers. The warm chowder was perfect, since it was starting to cool down and we obviously needed a carb load for our red eye flight tonight.

Our flight left around 11pm and landed in Atlanta at 7am. What an exhausting weekend! I’d do it again, but an extra day would be nice so I wouldn’t be so jet lagged!

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