I spent a week in Nice and Amsterdam in the beginning of April. I was able to stay with my friend Rachel in Amsterdam, so it was a slightly cheaper trip than it would’ve been normally. Here are all the logistics I think are necessary for planning a similar trip!

Amsterdam canal

Amsterdam canal


We relied on public transportation and Ubers for our whole trip. In Nice, public transportation is very easy and cheap. You can pay in cash when you get on a bus or buy a train ticket at the stations with cash or card. When we arrived in Amsterdam, I got a public transportation card at the airport that allowed me to ride on any bus or tram by just tapping my card when getting on and off. To refill the card, you can visit a grocery store (which only take cash).

So many bikes in Amsterdam!

Major street in Nice


    • Don’t get hit by a bike or tram in Amsterdam. The bikers are insane here and the roads have four lanes on each side: pedestrians, bikes, cars, then tram. People drive on the right side of the road here, but look both ways (several times) before you cross and remember that the bikers think they have the right of way, so don’t get in their way!
    • Always bring an umbrella when walking around Amsterdam. The weather is unpredictable and showers can pop up at any time!
    • If you’re looking for coffee in Amsterdam, find a cafe, not coffeeshop!
    • Don’t take pictures in the Red Light District
  • Most grocery stores in Amsterdam only take cash
Eze France

Looking out from Eze, France


The currency in both France and the Netherlands is the Euro. I used my card for almost everything and pulled out about $150 worth of Euros at an ATM for small purchases and the few restaurants that didn’t take my cards. Some places in Amsterdam only take European-issued credit cards, so that’s where I spent my cash at. Everything here was a little more expensive than in the US, mostly just because of the currency exchange.

drinking wine


  • Lodging – $100 (thanks to an awesome friend letting me stay at her house in Amsterdam!)
  • Flights – $1,100
  • Transportation – $170 (including an airport transfer in London, Ubers, and public transportation)
  • Activities – $20
  • Food & Drinks – $350
  • Souvenirs – $75
  • Travel Insurance – $55
  • Luggage storage – $20
  • Total – $1,890
Eze, France

Exploring Eze!


Both Nice and Amsterdam are considered to be relatively safe, but remember you’re in Europe and pickpockets are a thing! In some of the seedier neighborhoods (like the Red Light District) you should be extra aware and watch your bags and pockets as you’re walking around. I never felt in danger when walking around at any point of the day or night!

Waterfall Grotto at Exotic Gardens in Eze, France

Waterfall Grotto at Exotic Gardens in Eze


People speak French in France and Dutch in the Netherlands. In Nice, I expected everyone to speak English, but there were definitely a few restaurants we went to that the waiters didn’t speak any English. Google Translate helped! In Amsterdam, everyone spoke English so it wasn’t a problem at all!

Dam Square in Amsterdam

Dam Square in Amsterdam


The weather in Nice was absolutely perfect the few days we were there! It was sunny and 70 degrees, but the sun made it feel even warmer. It was a much needed break from the abnormally cold spring we were having back home in Georgia. Amsterdam was cold and rainy while I was there. It was predicted to be raining the entire time, but in reality, it didn’t deter us from doing many outside activities. I carried around an umbrella the entire time, but it only rained for short spurts and we could avoid it by stopping at restaurants or cafes. The last day I was there was the coldest and windiest, and I was so thankful when it warmed up later in the afternoon and I was able to sit on the edge of a canal and soak up the sun.

Eze, France

Enjoying the beautiful weather in Eze!


    • Saturday 3/31 – Land in Nice, France
    • Wednesday 4/4 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Thursday 4/5 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Friday 4/6 – Amsterdam, Netherlands, fly home to Atlanta that night

See my video below on my trip to Nice and Amsterdam!

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  • Joseph

    May 25, 2018

    I really appreciate these logistics posts. My 5-day trip to Colorado is coming up soon, and comparing what I’ve spent so far for my trip to what you spent for this trip to two places in Europe is eye-opening for me. I really need to be more savvy when looking for deals.
    Next year, it’s my goal to travel to Norway. That could definitely be too expensive if I’m not smart about it.

  • Joseph

    May 25, 2018

    Yeah, I did read those, and they inspired me to take a road trip through the state myself, instead of just staying in Denver. I’ve been wanting to see the Rocky Mountains since I was a kid so I’m excited.
    I’ll probably try to contact you again for advice while planning it. I could also use a travel buddy if you wanted to travel to Norway with me ;D haha


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