We spent one morning on our trip to Curaçao adventuring on an ATV tour with Eric’s ATV Adventures. They have a few options for locations of the tours. We chose the East Tour, as we were staying on the west side of the island and knew we’d be seeing plenty from around that area. We also chose the morning tour so we could spend the afternoon relaxing on the beach. This was a three hour tour.

9am Tour

The tour started at 9am and we checked in at their shop at 8:45. The shop had restrooms and some outdoor seating we could hang out at while we waited for the rest of the group. There was only one other person in our tour group in addition to Mike and me (plus the guide). We had brought our own goggles and face covers, as we had read ahead of time that it gets very dusty and the tour company doesn’t provide these for free. If you don’t have any, you can purchase them at their shop.

The tour guide gave us quick orientation and took us on course behind the building to make sure we could handle ATVs. The girl who was in our group could NOT drive an ATV. She kept running over all the cones they had set up for her. She ended up riding on the back of the ATV with the guide.

Ostrich Farm

The first part of the tour was driving on paved roads to get to our first stop. The guide let us choose if we wanted to stop at the Aloe Farm or the Ostrich Farm. We thought the Ostrich Farm sounded a little more entertaining, so that’s what we chose. We got to see a few animals they had, including several peacocks walking around the property. They also had restrooms and a snack/drink bar we could take advantage of before continuing the rest of the trip. To see the ostriches up close, you must pay for a tour of the farm, which we did not do (and wouldn’t have time for with the ATV tour). But we could see them from about 50 yards away.


Next, we took some dirt roads to cut over to the coast. This part would not have been possible to drive on without an ATV. We ended up at a really cool cave with ocean water coming in. We were also able to climb up on top of the cave and see the giant waves crashing into the shore. This part was a lot like the Shete Boka Park we saw later in our trip. It was so cool being the only ones around though!

Wind Turbine Farm

Our third and final stop was at a wind turbine farm near the cave we visited. We were able to drive right underneath the turbines and get a feel for how huge they were. I’ve never been so close to a wind turbine – they are usually blocked off to the public.

Our guide was awesome and took tons of pictures of us every step of the way. And the best part is that he didn’t charge us for the pictures (he used our phones)! We had such an awesome time on this tour!


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