I traveled to Wyoming in August with one of my best friends to visit Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. I thought this was the perfect amount of time here to see a good amount of sights!


Thursday 8/12: Fly to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, land around 8pm, get groceries in town, camp at Jenny Lake in Grand Teton.

Friday 8/13: Drive to Yellowstone, see geysers and wildlife, camp at Grant Village in Yellowstone.

Saturday 8/14: Drive to Grand Teton, Signal Mountain, Jenny Lake, camp at Jenny Lake in Grand Teton. 

Sunday 8/15: Hike to Delta Lake, Teton Village, camp at Jenny Lake. 

Monday 8/16: Horseback riding, day in Jackson, camp at Gros Ventre in Grand Teton.

Tuesday 8/17: Morning in Jackson, fly home around 1pm.


We stayed at Grant Village Campground in Yellowstone. This campground is near the southern edge of the park. I thought this location was perfect for one day in the park. However, if you want to go to Lamar Valley at sunrise or sunset, the Mammoth Campground would be a more convenient spot. Grant Village did not allow us to pick which spot we wanted to stay in; they assigned the space when we arrived. We got to the campground at 8:30am. The official check in time was not until 1pm, but since some people had already checked out, they allowed us to set up our site. The campground was nice and quiet and we had a good night here.

In Grand Teton, we stayed in Jenny Lake for three nights. The first night was on the way to Yellowstone and we were in spot #47. We set up our campsite when it was dark, and woke up to a beautiful view. After our one-night stay in Yellowstone, we stayed in campsite #50 for two nights. This spot also had a good mountain view. This campground was in the best location out of the campgrounds in Grand Teton! It takes just a few minutes to walk to Jenny Lake. There are also a ton of hikes in that area, including the hike to Delta Lake

Jenny Lake site #47

On our last night, we wanted to stay a little closer to the Jackson Hole airport, so we stayed in Gros Ventre Campground, site #83A. This campground is very open, with little tree coverage to block the wind. It got very windy a couple times overnight!

Park Entrance Fees

The fees to get into Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park are $35 each. However, I had the America the Beautiful annual park pass, which allowed us to get into the parks for free. It definitely makes sense to get this pass if you will be visiting more than two parks within a year.


We had excellent weather on our Wyoming trip! It only sprinkled one morning while we were still in the tent. The mornings were chilly (50s F), afternoons were hot (high 80s F), and overnights perfect for camping (40s F). It took a while to warm up in the afternoon so the mornings were great hiking temperatures.

Cost Per Person

This trip ended up being slightly more expensive than my normal camping trips, since there were only two of us. The rental car ended up being a little more than usual too because of the rental car shortage.  

Flight: $455
Campsites & showers: $110
Rental car: $200
Gas: $55
Food & drinks: $165
Home airport parking: $25
Souvenirs: $100
Entertainment: $65

TOTAL: $1175

Overall Thoughts

I loved the Teton Mountains in Wyoming!! I was bummed that our last couple days were very smoky from the wildfires. However, when the mountains were out, they were very impressive. I liked Grand Teton better than Yellowstone and was happy we were at Grand Teton longer. I would love to come back here!

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